Zaks Investment Advisory Service, LLC

provides investment advisory services to its clients through separately managed client accounts on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. Such services are provided within the guidelines formulated with each client, based on defined investment objectives.

The Company’s investment approach is based on a number of assumptions:

Long-term market returns reflect the risks of different asset classes. Stocks, for example, are riskier than bonds and their rates of return are higher. Professors Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Kenneth French of MIT, among others, also found that in the long run, return on value stocks is higher than return on growth stocks, even though during certain periods growth stocks outperformed value stocks. They also determined that the size of the company matters, and that small companies, as defined by their market capitalization, outperform large companies in the long run. International markets, both developed and emerging, while in some cases more volatile and risky than domestic markets, may contribute to portfolio diversification and increase overall return.

Modern financial instruments, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), allow for flexible and cost-efficient implementation of investment strategies which take into account these features of financial markets. Zaks Investment Advisory Service focuses on developing diversified portfolios, principally through the use of tax-efficient, low-expense ETFs and passively managed mutual funds across different classes of assets. These portfolios are tailored to the individual risk-tolerance, liquidity needs, and investment objectives of our clients.

Our Model Portfolios were created following the same basic investment principles. These portfolios do not represent individual recommendations but provide an insight into our investment philosophy. Take a look here.